Virtual Phantoms CEO Dr. George Xu presents keynote address to CIRMS meeting

On April 13, 2022, Prof. George Xu delivered a 45-minutes capstone talk entitled ” Radiotherapy Plan QA using Deep-CNN based Multi-OAR Auto segmentation and GPU-accelerated Monte Carlo Dose Check ” for the CIRMS annual conference. Professor Xu introduced the history of computational phantoms, the VirtualDose software (For tracking patient organ doses from CT and interventional radiology procedures), DeepViewer software (an AI-based automatic multi-organ segmentation tool for radiation therapy) and ArcherQA software (the fast Monte Carlo simulation software for radiation treatment based on GPU acceleration).

CIRMS(Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards)is the highest academic institution in the field of ionizing radiation measurements and standards in the United States. Its leaders are top experts from industry, academia and government. Through publication of “Needs” report, CIRMS sets national priority in research and development pertaining to ionizing radiation measurement and standardization covering nuclear energy, industrial irradiation, medicine, and nuclear security in the United States. Prof. Xu was elected the President (1999-2000) of the CIRMS, and was chosen to receive the Randall S. Caswell Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution in 2015.